PE / Wt. Training

Weight Training:
This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop fitness through weight training, aerobic conditioning and flexibility. Included will be daily cardiovascular fitness: possibly running and/or plyometric activities. Students will be exposed to a variety of weight training programs that will enable them to discover which are best suited to their individual needs. Students will also be educated in proper lifting techniques, safety factors and muscle development so as to make them capable of developing their own weight training programs. This course operates on a five day a week workout schedule. In order to maintain proper safety, students will rotate among three 20 minute stations with a warm-up and cool-down to begin and end the block.  The stations include: Cardiovascular Training, Core Training, & Weight Training.  We will utilize the gym, track, cross coutnry trails, weight room equipment, free weights, kettle bells, dumbbells, yoga mats, medicine balls, jump ropes, and the green grass areas adjacent to the wt room during the block.


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